About CriThink Project

The main objective of this Erasmus+ project is the exchange good practices on the topic to learning of Critical Thinking of the adult population and especially seniors.

The starting point of the project is the experience that emerged during lectures titled “Information and Disinformation”. During these lectures, the main partner of this project repeatedly found that seniors, despite their great life experiences, have a problem with the ability of Critical Thinking and often confuse the concept of “critical thinking” with the term “criticize“.

Seniors have a problem orientating themselves in a rapidly changing world and in large amounts of information.

Differences in the understanding of the current world lead to intergenerational conflicts. We believe that if we restore the ability of critical thinking in the older generation and will be associated with a better ability to reason, this project can bring about a reduction in intergenerational misconceptions or conflicts.

During the project 6 partners of CriThink Project will:

– share their experiences and enrich each other;
– share their methodology from different areas (ICT, elderly teaching/learning etc);
– create tools for the analysis of the educational needs of adults;
– the partners will identify the educational needs of adults 55+ in their countries;
– partners will formulate the methods to be used for educating them – after that the partner organisations will implement the methods in their educational activities;

Duration of the CriThink Project

30 months – October 2019 – March 2022

Project number